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Selby College

Selby College

The site


The challenge

Understanding the impact that changes to a website’s design and structure have made to the business is important – especially when you are evaluating the effect the changes have had before rolling them out further.  Selby College asked us to review how well their freshly redeveloped responsive templates were performing, whether customers were engaging with the new pages and where further improvements could be made.

The solution

This is one of the deep-down and dirty with the data projects that we love.  Segmenting the Google Analytics data by template type, audience, qualification type and device, we produced a granular, three-dimensional view of how the new responsive templates were performing in comparison to the non-responsive alternatives and equivalents.  We also compared the users from mobile devices to those on desktops and how they engaged and coped with the registration form before presenting back our findings.

The results

Armed with our data and insight in to their users, Selby were confident in rolling out the responsive templates to all courses and all of their users.  Our research in to the registration forms saw their size and scale reduced to make them more mobile friendly, quicker to complete and with lower rates of abandonment.