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Levi Solicitors

Levi Solicitors

The site


The challenge

Following a new site build, Levi Solicitors found themselves without the search traffic that they once had, a high website bounce rate and a large drop in enquiries.  In a busy, competitive market, Levi needed their website performance back up to the levels they’d enjoyed before their website redesign and their database full of fresh client prospects.


The solution

Restoring the lost search traffic meant transforming the website in to something that Google and the other search engines would love.  We took the site and the keywords that were of greatest importance to Levi and produced a suite of content and landing pages that were best in class.  Benchmarking every target page against those ranking in the top 10 for the target terms, we ensured that every page was the best optimised in the market and improved key areas of the site structure.


The result

When we were brought in to Levi Solictors, their site traffic wasn’t just down year-on-year, there was simply none there.  Getting the site back to the previous year’s level was the most important task.  After the first month, the year-on-year gap had been closed to 35% down, 18% by the second and level by the third.  After 6 months, we had restored traffic beyond the previous site’s levels, beyond the year-on-year comparison and to the highest levels Levi have ever seen.  Enquiries too were at an all time high and the website is now delivering its best ever performance.