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The site


The problem

Global corporate brands like Innovia require an online hub.  Whether it’s for journalists, investors, career seekers or just people looking for information, the corporate hub is an essential communications tool.  Innovia needed their hub to be easier to find and use.  They also needed it to appear higher in search results.

The solution

To achieve Innovia’s strategic aims, we needed to go back to search basics.  A combination of well optimised pages and good quality backlinks made up the body of our plan.  We implemented best practice, group wide linking, so that visitors to the customer brands were able to find the group site easily.  Then we made the site the best it could possibly be.

The result

Competing against your own brand names, domestically and internationally is a challenge.  You don’t want to take visitors from the brand sites simply so that people can view the corporate pages.  In the same way, you don’t want to prevent the people who need the corporate site from finding it.  Through a combination of links and great pages, we improved rankings for the target keywords and more than trebled site traffic.