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Gerda Security

Gerda Security

The site


The problem

Sometimes, you meet a client who has just plain been taken for a mug.  We were first introduced to Gerda Security in 2013 through an agency partner.  They were concerned that their digital marketing wasn’t doing anything for them and they asked us to have a look.  We found a site that had not been updated in over 12 months, dwindling ranking and performance and no direction.  Gerda quickly asked for our help.

The solution

We approached the Gerda site with a bare-bones strategy.  On the first hand, we offered strategic and consultative support.  On a second we implemented practical website optimisation and fresh landing pages to improve the site’s search ranking.  We improved the site structure, navigation and page layout.  All of which lead to improvements in search traffic.

The results

The best measure of a website’s performance is the number of enquiries being generated.  In Gerda’s case, we increased the number of enquiries being made 100% through organic search.  With the addition of PPC for specific, tactical campaigns, the website has never been busier.